some of my sites

My course web sites:

Introduction to Media Advertising:

Principles of Print Advertising:

Introduction to Web Publishing:

Media Planning:


Multimedia Production:

Advanced Advertising Strategies:


My support web sites: A regularly updated site containing information about jobs and internships available for advertising and internet students. There are also many ongoing internships posted, both on campus and off campus. Also, there are many links to many internship sources.   This site supported the Spring 2012 Advanced Advertising Strategies course.  This site supported the Spring 2014 Advanced Advertising Strategies course.

Web-based Portfolio Tips on NWjobs: If you want to build a “simple” portfolio web site, check out this page. It’s a collection of several different, mostly free, web tools you can use to build professional online  portfolios. [This is the page I show in Fred’s senior seminar class!]


Student advertising club site and sub-pages:

Web site for the student advertising club, AdInk. Lisa Bishop and I are co-advisors.

Off Broadway Agency Tour

AAF-KC Advertising Career Day for College Students


International Exchange Sites:

These are sites were built either by me or my students either at Northwest Missouri State University, or at Hogeschool Zuyd in the Netherlands, or at Fachhochschule Vorarlberg in Austria.

Media Program in Austria, Fachhochschule Vorarlberg

Hogeschool Zuyd’s (Netherlands) CMD Program

Zuyd CMD Faculty

Student Life at Zuyd

Student Home Life at Zuyd

Teaching at Zuyd

Egon Heidendal’s Study Abroad Site

Northwest Campus Photos


My playground site:

This is one of several web sites I’ve built to try out web publishing techniques. This was my first playground site, so it’s very old — it doesn’t represent current best practices in web publishing!