Marco Points

Intro to Advertising students earn Marco Points using the Marco Polo app.

Connect with Jacquie on Marco Polo

What’s a Marco Point?

A Marco Point is like class cash you can “spend” on the stuff below. Earn points by sending Jacquie a Marco Polo video that falls into one of the following categories related to our class. The words in bold should be in your video so Jacquie knows which category you’re going for.

Each of these items earns 1 point.   Limit: 1 video / week

  • Send a video of you in a live class.
  • Send a video showing that you’re working on class homework.
  • Send a video asking a question about class.
  • Send a video of you in a Zoom class with your video on.
  • Send a video showing you emailing a question to Jacquie about class.
  • Send a video showing you’ve signed up for AdInk’s mentor program.
  • Send a video of you juggling.
  • Send a video just to say “Hello!”


Point Store

You can use your points to purchase this priceless stuff:

  • Add 5 points to any assignment grade: 8 points
  • Add 5 points to your midterm exam grade:  10 points
  • Bearcat paw sticker: 3 points
  • Connection with Jacquie on LinkedIn: 0 points


How to Redeem Points

The only way you can redeem your points is to submit this form between Nov. 30 – Dec. 3.



If you delete your videos, they won’t count. I’ll only count your videos when you submit the form, so be sure I can see and count all the videos you sent during the semester!