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Secondhand Industry & Levi’s SecondHand Profile

—————————————- first paper:

Secondhand/Resale Industry

Company Overview

———————————————  second paper:

Target Audience

Demographic Elements of Secondhand Shoppers

  • Use relevant information from ThredUp’s 2021 Fashion Resale Report, especially age-related information.
  • You’re only focusing on age only, so, you don’t have to cover any other demographic elements.
  • Write about all of the potential target groups, but your focus will be Gen Z.
    • Look hard at the “Transforming Closets” and “Who Thrifting & Why” sections.  Pull as much information as possible about why Gen Z buys secondhand, how they buy secondhand, and anything at all related to Gen Z’s interest in secondhand. 

Psychographic Elements of Secondhand Shoppers

  • Use relevant information from all of your sources to describe why Gen Z is interested in secondhand clothing.

Geographic Target

Why My Target is the Perfect Match for Levi’s SecondHand

For this section, you are “connecting the dots” of your paper. 

Connect the dots — here are some made-up examples of what that means(this stuff isn’t real, don’t use it in your paper!):

  • My target wants…
    • Gen Z is 68% more likely to follow influencers who focus on secondhand fashion.
    • etc. 
  • Levi’s SecondHand offers…
    • SecondHand provides patches to customers who submit personal secondhand stories. This allows the customers to publicly display their secondhand interest.
    • etc.

There are MANY dots to connect, I’m just giving you two examples to get you started. 

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