My Sites — AdInk was Northwest Missouri State University’s student advertising/marketing/design/digital media/public relations/ etc. club. hosts archives of many of the group’s major events, including its annual “Off Broadway” ad agency tour and the Kansas City Ad Club‘s “Spark KC” annual college career fair. Fred Lamer and I started AdInk in 2002 and it ran until we retired in 2022, several times winning Northwest’s Outstanding Student Organization of the Year. — This was the campaigns capstone class I taught from 2003-2014. Each semester the course had a different, real, client and students learned how to solve business problems via advertising and digital media solutions.

Side Project: — To help make the world a better place.

Defunct Playground Sites: and — Playground sites where I practiced topics I taught in my Intro to Web Publishing course: SEO, digital advertising, affiliate marketing, e-commerce, and user experience.

Old Sites: — This is what you may have used for the Web Publishing SEO paper.

NWJobs — This old site has been woven into

Introduction to Media Advertising:

Principles of Print Advertising:

Introduction to Web Publishing:

Media Planning:

Multimedia Production:   This site supported the Spring 2012 Advanced Advertising Strategies course.  This site supported the Spring 2014 Advanced Advertising Strategies course.

Very Old International Exchange Sites:

These are sites were built either by me or my students either at Northwest Missouri State University, or at Hogeschool Zuyd in the Netherlands, or at Fachhochschule Vorarlberg in Austria.

Media Program in Austria, Fachhochschule Vorarlberg

Hogeschool Zuyd’s (Netherlands) CMD Program

Zuyd CMD Faculty

Student Life at Zuyd

Student Home Life at Zuyd

Teaching at Zuyd

Egon Heidendal’s Study Abroad Site

Northwest Campus Photos