Escape Plan (AKA: 4-Year Plan)

How to build a 4-year plan

If you want to graduate, you need a plan. Someone famous said that. I think it was John Lennon. He was right: You need a plan to get out of college… you need an Escape Plan!

You need:

  • Your audit.
  • You need to know how to determine pre-requisites and in which semester courses are offered.
  • You need to know which courses are upper division.
  • You need to plot out all the courses you need to take into a spreadsheet, like the one I’ve created for you, below.
  • Watch this video (also embedded below) that walks you through how to build your plan.
  • Schedule a meeting with me so I can review your plan.

Download this Excel file to create your own 4-year plan:


It will look something like this:

This video explains how to build your plan: