Escape Plan (AKA: 4-Year Plan)

How to build a 4-year plan

If you want to graduate, you need a plan. Someone famous said that. I think it was John Lennon. He was right: You need a plan to get out of college… you need an Escape Plan!

You need:

  • Your audit.
  • You need to know how to determine pre-requisites and in which semester courses are offered.
  • You need to know which courses are upper division.
  • You need to plot out all the courses you need to take into a spreadsheet, like the one I’ve created for you, below.
  • 4-year-plan video thumbnailWatch this video (also embedded below) that walks you through how to build your plan.
  • Schedule a meeting with me so I can review your plan.

Download this Excel file to create your own 4-year plan:


It will look something like this:

The Student Success Center also has an Excel template you can use. BUT it does not include adding upper-division credit hours, which is a huge GOTCHYA for many students. So I recommend you use mine.

Note that the pre-made Student Success Center 4-year plan templates are not YOUR 4-year plan. Those are just starter plans to give you an idea of how your classes may fall. They are great to get you started and for guidance, but every student is different. Every student needs a custom plan.

This video explains how to build your plan:

How to Degree Audit

If you liked that video, you’ll also like this one from the Student Success Center:

This meme compliments of 2021 Advertising graduate, Logan Daniels. Feel free to contact Logan to commiserate!