Résumé Examples

Wondering what résumés should look like for students studying advertising / marketing / digital / etc? Check out some examples below; be sure to click each one to view more tips from the source.

Building your first resume?

ResumeCompanion.com: Here’s an all-purpose resume example, specifically for a marketing assistant, so it’s a good format for many entry-level jobs in advertising/marketing and broadcast, PR, IDM, etc. Browse their resume examples by industry. This source has free, downloadable templates, like the one below, that you can edit in Microsoft Word.


Resume example

KickResume.com: All-purpose resume example, good for most non-design jobs. Browse their resume examples by industry.

Resume example for entry-level marketing job.

KickResume.com: Here are two good ways to easily show your level of skills, related to your major. These examples also has just a small bit of visual flair, so it looks nice if you want to prove that you have a bit of an eye for design — only if you are looking for a job that involves a bit of design.

Resume example with skills area.

I’m not a fan of putting your photo on your resume, like this example. Your photo belongs on LinkedIn, and probably your online portfolio. You don’t want someone to interview you, or not, just because of the way you look.

Screen Shot 2018-05-25 at 9.56.36 AM

LiveCareer.com: All-purpose resume example, good for most careers, even possibly design.

Resume example for marketing manager.

HowDesign.com: See this page for a number of great design examples, like the one below. These are really only for people who want design to be a major part of their job.

Graphic designer resume example.

LiveCareer.com: Search their database for resume examples by industry. This example is geared toward broadcast skills, specifically radio promotions.

Broadcast major resume example.

Monster.com: All-purpose resume example, skews business. Designers should not use this format.

Business resume example.

Resume Template Service: Consider building your resume in an online tool, like UpToWork.com and Indeed.com.

UpToWork's online resume template builder.

zety.com: This source has a LOT of good business templates.


This is a free service to sign up for, but it will cost you to download premium templates. Minimum fee is $4.99/month, cancel any time.

This blog page has some good, basic tips.