So, you want to be a UX professional…

If you think you might want a career in UX, you should become familiar with all of these sources:

Jakob Neilsen: Nielsen Norman Group
Look through Neilsen’s site, . Read the reports and articles.

Jared Spool: User Interface Engineering
Look through Jared’s site, .  Read All You Can Learn, Articles, and anything else.

Jesse James Garret: The Elements of Use Experience
Read this classic book about UX. See the original diagram that is the basis for UX design.

Steve Krug:
Don’t Make Me Think — read this.
To get you started, here’s a free sample chapter.

Look through job descriptions of UX job openings.
UXPKC job board.

Prepare a portfolio:
Look through some UX portfolios.
See a UX case study — something like this would be great for your portfolio!

This article about sketching and wireframing is useful so you can see the steps involved in UX work.
This image is a summary:

If you’re really serious, get a mentor!
UXPCK has a mentorship program. Check it out. Join. Meet people who work in UX in Kansas City… many of them are Bearcats!